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Over The Rainbow

01 The Witches Of Oz - Intro
Javi América: Writer, Singer, Designer And Songwriter (Non Profit Making).


You are over the rainbow, a land full of fantasy, happiness, enchantment and imagination. I want you to follow the yellow brick road through the seven rays, colorful worlds, funny characters, happy songs and mysterious fairy tales. Begin this wonderful journey with Britney Spears, the new Dorothy, till the end of the rainbow, where you will not see a material wealth, but maybe you will find a bigger treasure inside your heart. Enjoy this fantastic adventure with Dorothy and his wonderful friends of Rainbowland in the fairy tale "The Wizard Of The Rainbow".


The Magic

Of The Rainbow

The falling rain dissolves into mist

And the thunder begins to die.

As the sporadic lightning fades

An arch of color pours from the sky.


Rainbow appear after mighty storms

When things look their worst.

Just when the sky is darkest gray,

Out of Heaven does a rainbow burst.


God first sent the rainbow to Noah

As a sign that His word is true.

The rainbow's eternal message

Still speaks to me and you.


The rainbow is a sign of God's promise

That he will guide us through any storm,

That He will ease all our troubles

No matter what their form.

When you feel battered by life's storms

And you are filled with doubt and dismay,

Just remember: Rainbow is coming,

For it's blessing you have only to pray.

Rainbow (The Musical) By Don Pelayo Fundation And Javi América


(The Musical)

-After The Storm Comes The Calm-

The Wizard Of The Rainbow Trailer - Pepsi Commercial. The American Dream.

The Wizard

Of The Rainbow 

-The American Dream-

 Britney was a young girl, that in January 12, 1999

was moved by a hurricane from her beloved town

 Kentwood "Louisiana", to Rainbowland.

 There she began an incredible adventure that

would change her world forever.

The New Dorothy will be your guide

to find The pot of gold of the rainbow...

In the planet Earth she was Britney Spears,

but her real identity has been lost, so

in Rainbowland her name was Dorothy Spears.

-Follow the yellow brick road to know

more about this magical fairy tale

with the titles in golden color-

Rainbow Lands By Javi América
The Neverending Story - The Movie 1984

The Neverending Story

Fairy Tale By Javi América - Coming Soon

The Warriors

Of The Rainbow

-Blue Ray-

(Coming Soon)

Los Guerreros Del Arcoiris - Rayo Azul (In Spanish)
01.doc (80 Kb )
Cuento descargable - con faltas de ortografía (para todas las edades)

Dorothy Spears 

 The new Dorothy will have to ventured in a great

journey to find her own identity, the person she

really is. Her new soul lives at the end of the rainbow,

so she will have to pass the Dark Side for a

never ending life in her real home,

The United States of América.

Submerge yourself in this great adventure.

Follow the yellow brick road with Dorothy 

and her first friend over the Rainbow,

a little dog named Globulón.

Rainbow Lands By Javi América

There Is No Place

Like Home

-Dorothy Spears-

Fairy Tale By Javi América - Coming Soon

The Legend

Of Oz

-Yellow Ray-

(Coming Soon)

La Leyenda De Oz - Rayo amarillo (In Spanish)
02.doc (157,5 Kb )
Cuento descargable - con faltas de ortografía (para mayores de 13 años)

The Backstreet Boys

 The BSB will speak to Dorothy about love, about the

wonderful Wizard of the Rainbow named Uncle Sam,

and the most important thing she must know

how to find her road.

BSB- To find your road, first of all

you must use your imagination.

This is the most important thing

to find the good road.

Rainbow Lands By Javi América
Cartoons By Javi América - Music By Walt Disney

Welcome To The Land

Of The Rainbow

-Disney Festival Of Fantasy Parade-

Fairy Tale By Javi América - Coming Soon

The Wizard

Of The Rainbow

-Red Ray-

(Coming Soon)

El Mago Del Arcoiris - Rayo Rojo (In Spanish)
03.doc (92,5 Kb )
Cuento descargable - con faltas de ortografía (para todas las edades)

Glinda Monroe

 ¡Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

This new Glinda is a material girl.

a mysterious fairy with light on the outside, but nothing 

inside. She will try to seduce Dorothy with special diamonds,

which, as she say, will give her the eternal youth.

Dorothy - but I don't have nothing to give you in exchange.

Glinda - Then go away from me poor little girl.

Go far, far away from me.

Rainbow Characters By Javi América
Legends - Forever Young (Song By Javi América)


-Forever Young-

Fairy Tale By Javi América - Coming Soon

David And

The Universe

-Green Ray-

(Coming Soon)

David Y El Universo - Rayo Verde (In Spanish)
04.doc (182 Kb )
Cuento descargable - con faltas de ortografía (para mayores de 18 años)

Jimmy, Michael Y Elvis 

Following still a dark road,

Dorothy keep looking for her road of imagination,

when suddenly three mysterious people

appear in front of her, dancing a funny song.

They was James Dean, Michael Jackson

and Elvis Presley…

Rainbow Floats By Javi América
Movies From My Childhood - Songs By Javi América

The Sound

Of The Rainbow

Fairy Tale By Javi América - Coming Soon

The Rag Doll

-Violet Ray-

(Coming Soon)

La Muñeca De Trapo - Rayo Violeta (In Spanish)
05.doc (101,5 Kb )
Cuento descargable - con faltas de ortografía (para todas las edades)

Stinky, Elmer & Scrompy 

Dean, Michael and Elvis turned in

Stinky, Elmer and Scrompy.

They will show to Dorothy

what is the good road to follow,

this will be the road of her imagination,

but she only will find it

in the right place at the right time.

Suddenly her brown shoes turn in to a ruby slippers

and a golden road appeared in front of them

Elmer - Wow! her road is made by

an incredible golden bricks!

¡She has an incredible golden imagination!

Dorothy - Do you want to follow this new road with me?

Elmer, Stinky and Scrompy - ¡Of course little Dorothy!

Then they began to follow the new yellow brick road

Through the rainbow, to find

the Dorothy's identity and her new soul

through the new road of imagination.

Rainbow Dolls And Dresses By Javi América
Grease - Paramount Pictures (Song By Javi América)


-Paramount Pictures-

Fairy Tale By Javi América - Coming Soon

The Generation

Of Cartoons

-Orange Ray-

(Coming Soon)

La Generación De Los Dibujos Animados - Rayo Naranja (In Spanish)
06.doc (19,5 Mb )
Cuento descargable - con faltas de ortografía (para todas las edades)

Follow The Yellow

  Brick Road

Following the new yellow brick road

Dorothy and her new friends

find three fantastic and incredible places

with three amazing feelings

and three different roads. This places

are the representation of the American flag

by its three colors - Blue, Red & White -

-Spirituality, Imagination & Joy-

This is...

-The Soul of América-

Rainbow Creatures By Javi América
The Sound Of Music - 20th Century Fox (Song By Javi América)

The Sound Of Music

-20th Century Fox-

Fairy Tale By Javi América - Coming Soon

The Magic Book

Of Bini Aru

-Indigo Ray-

(Coming Soon)

El Libro Mágico Del Arcoiris - Rayo Añil (In Spanish)
07.doc (372,5 Kb )
Cuento descargable - con faltas de ortografía (para todas las edades)

-The Blue Road-

 ¡Welcome To The Spiritual World!

 This is E.T Land, the blue color. The place where

the Extraterrestrial Race lives inside Rainbowland.

A very intelligent race who comes from the Stars.

In that concrete moment some of their warriors had been

traveling to the Earth to have with the Human race

a first contact through the movie E.T, and give them

an important message. So...

 E.T - i'll be right here. Our road is the blue color.

Be good, and if you follow your road, you will

see that miracles can happen.


-The Red Road-

 ¡Welcome To The World Of Imagination! 

  This is Disney Land, the red color.

The place where the most enchanting characters

lives inside Rainbowland, a very funny race.

In that concrete moment some of their warriors

had been travelling to the Earth to change the lives of the human race

through their fantastic movies and parks around their planet.

They had to give them an important message, you never have

to leave your road. They never do this because all of them always

are in union if they follow the same road,

the red road. So...

Mickey Mouse - Never leave your road dear Dorothy,

we are always together if we follow our road.

Fight, be strong, but never forget your imagination

and your biggest dreams, because if you do this your dreams 

always will come true when you wish upon a star.


-The White Road-

 ¡Welcome To The Land Of Joy!

This is Joy Land, the white color. The place where the race of light 

and happiness lives. This land is the light of the Universe,

the most bright and powerful race. In that concrete moment

some of their warriors was coming from the Earth. They had been

in this planet to show them through the movie Grease,

That they soon will be covered by the most powerful light

of the Universe, but first they must to pass the dark

side of the Rainbow. So...

Sandy and Danny - Dear Dorothy, now your world lives in darkness,

but after the dark side of the rainbow, will come the golden age,

the time of eternal light. We are always together following

our road and you must do the same,

so follow your road and let it be.


The White Rabbit

The three friends continued their journey,

but Dorothy was worried thinking in the

dark side, when suddenly Globulon the dog

turned into a white rabbit screaming...

Globulón - is too late, is too late, is too late!!!

Then Dorothy began to follow him screaming too

Dorothy - wait little rabbit, wait!!!

Elmer - Be careful with the White Rabbit Dorothy!

¡Never is too Late! - But the poor little girl

followed the rabbit, and then she lost

the golden road...

¡Falling down the Hole!



The Wicked Witch

-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road- 

Dorothy fell over a big stone and began to cry,

but then Glinda Monroe appears,

then Dorothy stop crying and gave her a big hug.

Dorothy Spears - ooh my friend Glinda!

you are my salvation. I don't want to be here,

this place is too scary and sad,

I lost my golden road and my ruby slippers.

Glinda Monroe - Ooh my little Dorothy,

I understand you, come with me to my big kingdom.

Dorothy Spears - but... is this kingdom a good place?

Glinda Monroe - of course my friend.

It is my home and is full of light.

Dorothy Spears - well, if there is light

it must be a good place I think.

They walk to Glinda's home and when they arrived

Dorothy saw an incredible house full of light, but this light

was a false light made by diamonds,

false youth and money. When they stopped in front

of the resplendent Glinda's home, she began

to open the door and said...

Glinda Monroe - if you want to be part of my world,

you must make me a big promise. You must give me

your imagination, your love and the most

important thing... ¡your soul!

Dorothy - Ok Glinda, all this is yours

but I want to see the light I need to see the light,

this dark side is the worst place I have ever known.

 but Dorothy have a look to the floor and saw her golden road.

Dorothy Spears - ooh, look is my road, is my golden road!

 but... wait a moment, this is not my road, this is a road made

by gold bullions, I found my road through the imagination

so this is not my road, this is a false road. Then she saw her

ruby slippers in Glinda's feet and suddenly the Glinda's hands

turn in green color with warts and wrinkles,

and when dorothy saw her ruby slippers again she followed

through them her golden road and her mind was unlocked

knowing all the true Glinda was hiding.

At this moment Glinda turned into Madonna

the worst witch of Rainbowland.

Dorothy Spears - You are really ugly Glinda

you are a witch not a fairy.

You are the worst witch I have ever seen.

You are not good you are bad, you are the wicked witch

of the North, South, East and West in one.

Then Dorothy tried to escape of her and began to run

through the dark side of the Rainbow

to find the big stone where she was at the beginning,

and when she found the stone she began to cry again,

she must show if she was ready go back to Rainbowland

and when Madonna was near her, she said...

Dorothy - There is no place like home,

there is no place like home, there is no place like... home?

Wait a moment, this is not the answer, the real

meaning of life is love, because oh dear God!

There is nothing like love and there is no greater love

than this: to lay down one's life for a friend.

So she offered all her suffering in the dark side

for the salvation of her world, the planet earth.

Suddenly a Rainbow fell over her, and then

she was taken to Rainbowland again

because she found the real meaning

of love through the dark side of the Rainbow.

Jesus Christ Superstar - 1973 (Trailer) Song By Javi América

 All You Need Is Love

-God's Word-


The Wizard  

Ones she arrived to Rainbowland, the Wizard of the

Rainbow who was Uncle Sam, showed her the pot

of gold, and she found it forever in her soul thanks to her

brain, heart, courage and the most important thing, her love.

Dorothy said goodbye to their three friends and began to run

over the new golden road singing a happy song, when

she awake in Kentwood, her town of Louisiana.

And then after seven days, she began to write and create

a world named Rainbow through her imagination,

to show everybody that the kingdom she has been

is real in each and every heart of the people.

This will be the way the humanity will find the real

golden pot in their souls.


Javi América,

A Dreamer

Over The Rainbow

The Wizard Of Oz, The Dark Side, The Warrior Of The Light, Over The Rainbow.

The Legend

Of The Rainbow

Presiona sobre la olla dorada y sumergete en el tesoro que habita en tu corazón.

The End.